Category-1015: 限制访问

ID: 1015 Status: Draft


Weaknesses in this category are related to the design and architecture of system resources. Frequently these deal with restricting the amount of resources that are accessed by actors, such as memory, network connections, CPU or access points. The weaknesses in this category could lead to a degradation of the quality of authentication if they are not addressed when designing or implementing a secure architecture.


CWE-201 通过发送数据的信息暴露
CWE-209 通过错误消息导致的信息暴露
CWE-212 敏感数据的不恰当跨边界移除
CWE-243 未改变工作目录时创建chroot Jail
CWE-250 带着不必要的权限执行
CWE-610 资源在另一范围的外部可控制索引
CWE-611 XML外部实体引用的不恰当限制(XXE)
CWE-73 文件名或路径的外部可控制


REF-9 A Catalog of Security Architecture Weaknesses. REF-10 Understanding Software Vulnerabilities Related to Architectural Security Tactics: An Empirical Investigation of Chromium, PHP and Thunderbird.